for complex phenomena

Hahmota helps its clients make sense of complicated issues and large data sets in order to generate shared understanding and new insights.

We use service design and systems thinking methods to understand the wider context of the phenomena in question, and create innovative visualisations and stories that crystallise the key issues and questions – whether quantitative or qualitative. 

AI-enabled sensemaking and crowdsourcing tools

We know how to apply artificial intelligence as a meaningful part of knowledge formation, understanding the relative strengths of human and machine analysis

Phenomena mapping

We have developed online and offline tools for mapping and visualising complex phenomena comprising qualitative information and quantitative data

Web-based visualisation tools

We use our own unique software tools to create interactive online visualisations, economic forecast models and data stories


Itla Näkymä - AI-enabled crowdsourcing platform

service design | software development | qualitative information design | participation processes

Sitra – phenomena-based planning toolkit

service design | qualitative information design | participation processes

Vastuugroup Oy – phenomena mapping of labour market challenges

service design | qualitative information design | participation processes

Hahmota – Economy Map with sustainability indicators

concept design | data design | software development

Prime Minister's Office – Social security renewal preparation

qualitative information design | data design

Itla – indicator bank of child and family wellbeing

data design | concept design | participation processes
| software development

Finance Finland – micro and macroeconomic simulators

economic modelling | concept design | software development

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health – National Child Strategy

qualitative information design | data design

Kela – healthcare expenditure simulators

economic modelling | software development | data design


On the basis of our good experiences
during cooperation on the Budget Game project, I recommend Hahmota Oy. They are an exceptionally capable and agile simplifier of challenging issues

Timo Silvola, Finance Finland (Finanssiala ry)

The Tax Tree is an excellent new and easy-to-use tool, that can be warmly recommended to people of all ages.

Jutta Urpilainen, Minister of Finance provides a comprehensive overview of the budget, while taking into account the detailed level. It is interactive, and it is easy to use. The visualisation conveys complex budget data in a simple way.

Markus Sovala, Ministry of Finance

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