what we do

We create visualisation software that makes budgets, finance and economics accessible to everyone.
Financetree visualisation software

With our FinanceTree tool you can turn your financial data – such as income statements and balance sheets – into captivating, interactive visualisations. And all you need is elementary Excel skills.

Budget game: budjettipeli.fi

An interactive macroeconomics simulator that shows how Finland’s aging population will impact on government and households finances during the next ten years.

Process flow software tool

We are currently finalising a tool designed for use in the financial sector, macroeconomics and risk analysis. Complex flows and simulation models become rich visualisations – and again, all you need is basic Excel skills.

See the Finnish state budget visualised with the FinanceTree software

why we do it

Finance and economics don't need to be difficult.

We think that decision-makers should have access to a clear and simple view of their organisation's finances. We show the whole of an organisation's finances in a single visualisation, so users can easily see the big picture while being able to drill down to the little details. Our tools are in used by Members of Parliament, companies, civil servants and tens of thousands of interested citizens.



Prizes and awards

Our work has received awards from the Apps4Finland competition (2009, 2011), Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra (2013), Finnish Ministry of Finance (2014), and Sitra's Basic Income Hackathon (2016). We were a finalist in the Apps4EU competition in 2014.


who we are

Peter Tattersall
CEO, designer
Prize-winning data visualiser and concept designer. Originally an architect and urban planner, Peter is responsible for understanding data and working out how to visualise it.
Mikael Berglund
Technical Lead
Self-taught programming whizzkid, responsible for coding pleasing and easy to use visualisation software.

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